At Honey Bumpkin we will make sure your child is fully entertained with well thought out activities, these will coincide with the Early Years Foundation Stage. The EYFS sets the standards for learning development and care for early years children.

As children will go from one activity to another quickly, a variety of learning toys, books and games, as well as outdoor activities will be available while they are in my care.

The activities will range from arts and crafts,painting, playdough, cars, train tracks, play sets of happy people, fireman sam, thomas the tank engine, pirates, zoo’s and even trolleys for food shopping activities.

A vital activity for young child is Sensory play, messy play, pretend play with dress up clothes and den building, they love getting stuck into an activity like this and is great for their learning of how to play and interact with other children.

We love Storytime, it is a time for children to sit quietly and listen, this is great for children’s concentration and they love to interact with the story being read to them.

I love giving children cooking experience, children love to get involved with every part of the activity, sorting, putting them in order to measuring and weighing all the ingredients, helping them learn vital skills in listening, maths and interaction. The final stage of eating their creations is normally their favorite part!, we will even make enough for them to take home to share with their parents and siblings.

Outdoor activities are daily and depending on the weather these can range from use of toys in the back garden.walks to explore their environment to park outings or even a picnic.

I always make use of the local resources we have in our area of Bury and Ramsey attending the toddler groups and library activities.

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