As parents you are the main people in your child’s life.I believe a good relationship between myself and parents of children I care for is essential. We will support parents to engage with their child’s early years education as this is paramount to the child’s future life. I provide parents with a daily record of their child’s time in my care, what they have achieved, what has been observed and what the next steps in their learning journey should be.

I will work closely with you in order to carry out your wishes for your child wherever I can. It is important that we communicate regularly but I do understand that as a working parent you will be in a rush to go to work in the mornings and in the evenings you may not have the time to talk to me. I am always happy to discuss your child and their care with you at any time that is convenient to us both, whether in person or over the telephone. I can also be contacted by email,

In line with EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), I will make observations on your child and will advise parents of the next steps of your child’s learning journey. These will be kept in your child’s “Learning Journey” file and this will be shared with you and your child, you are welcome to contribute to this anytime. I would welcome your comments on these.

I will also provide and use a daily diary when I am looking after Early Years children, this will be sent home each day. Your child’s daily diary will tell you what your child has eaten and drank that day, if they have slept and where we have been along with where they have been or what they have achieved. This will give you some idea of how your child has spent their day with me. It can also be used for you to give me any information that you think may help me to care for your child for example if they have had an unsettled night’s sleep. If you wish me to plan any special activity into my days with your child especially any festival religious holidays or festivals of a certain culture you and your family will be celebrating at home. This is also a great way to give the other children in my care an insight to other worlds and cultures.

I would also ask if you would inform me of any changes to contact numbers for yourselves and your emergency contacts, either home, mobile or work.

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